My story...

I know how fulfilling—and challenging—it can be to commit to growth, because I’ve walked the walk.


Over the past decade I’ve taken internationally renowned personal growth programs with Bob Proctor, Landmark and Tony Robbins.


My education was in the sciences, so as someone logical minded, it didn’t come natural for me at first to go inwards. But through my perseverance and willingness to be vulnerable and open to change, I’ve been able to make huge leaps forward in my own life. Today, I’m proud to be one of just 20 coaches from around the world in Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle. That means I’m directly mentored and coached by this world-leading prosperity teacher, as I help my own clients achieve their own life-changing results.


My own starting point on this journey felt like a breaking point at the time. But it turned out to be the start of a powerful transformation. I was an undergraduate student, and I had a debilitating panic attack during a Physics exam. I left the exam room mid-test and went straight to the doctor’s office. I’d never experienced anything like that before and I was terrified.


Later, I spoke to my professor about this experience. She told me it was my subconscious mind that was not allowing me to achieve my potential and get the answers from my head down on paper. Next she asked for permission to lead me on a guided meditation. Once I had achieved the totally unfamiliar state of deep relaxation, she asked me the exam questions verbally, and I aced the exam with a 98% grade.


That was the beginning of a lifelong commitment to my own spiritual and personal development.

 I took a course in Buddhism that same year, then I then went to India, had an audience with the Dalai Lama and carved time out from my busy life for a meditative retreat. From there I went to work in Japan, and I studied the Buddhist philosophy for the next eight years.


When I came home, I got into the hospitality industry and was living a breakneck-speed life that included a lot of superficial distractions, alcohol and fun. When my daughter Eloise came along, I started to question my lifestyle.


In pursuit of an alternative way of building wealth and calling the shots in my working life, I became an Arbonne consultant. As my business grew, I was encouraged to support the rapid growth and exciting changes in my life through personal development.


That’s when I discovered the teachings of Bob Proctor.


Thanks to Bob Proctor, I learned about the laws of attraction and how to create my own reality. Having studied Physics, I understood how that worked. And it really did work: After doing his Thinking Into Results course, I tripled the income from my business in just four months. I won an award with my network marketing company too, for #3 in Canada for Sponsorship. I’d been raised to believe that in order to do better, you had to work harder. But I learned that when I could shift my thinking to a more positive and strategic mindset, I could actually get better results and work less.



As my awareness increased and my dreams and goals became more defined, what I wanted for myself started happening in my life. I’ve travelled extensively with my husband and daughter to experience world cultures. We’ve moved from the city to embark on a new adventure in Stratford, a rural town in Ontario, so we can have the slower lifestyle we always dreamed of where family and loved ones come first. We’ve re-designed our businesses, so that we can work remotely and call the shots about how our working lives are scheduled.


After making a series of amazing changes in my own life, that I’d never have dared to make before, I wanted to teach the valuable tools I’d been learning to other people. In order to do the best job possible as a coach, I decided to go to the source and be mentored by Bob directly, as a certified teacher of the Thinking Into Results program.



Now I’m coaching clients all over the world through my own combined approach. I use the principles of Thinking Into Results to make powerful shifts to their mindset; I’ve customized a healthy living program to help them nurture their body; and I’ve created weekend retreats, so they can focus on the vital needs of their soul. Time and time again clients tell me that working with me has literally transformed their lives. I feel honoured to accompany them on their journey—to teach them that the world is abundant and anything is possible.

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Whatever goal you desire to achieve, there is an exact science and formula to succeeding, let me show you how