Abundance Accelerator

Manifest multiple sources of income authentically
3% of the population makes 97% of all the money that is earned ...
They've built their income streams differently.
Get the boost you need to learn how to build multiple streams of income and create your most abundant year yet
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I Want 2020 To Be Different

For You...

and abundant.

Maybe the thought of adding extra streams of income has crossed your mind before... you're just not sure what to do next?

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income.

Often times we have the idea to launch a product or start another business...

and while those are all great sources of income, what if it didn't have to be that complicated?

What if you didn't have to add the overwhelm to build multiple streams of income?

Build your most abundant year yet

This program is different from any other program on the market. 

Whether you're in a 9-5 unsure what the next steps are to build a second stream of income or a multi-passionate entrepreneur...

Together with this 4-week program, we're going to take you from confusion & overwhelm to confidence in your income streams.

Introducing Abundance Accelerator

*A 4 week program designed to boost your abundance for the new year

  • Learn & implement what top income earners know

  • Discover what multiple streams of income look like and why they're important

  • Learn how to make multiple sources of income work for you so you can build a life you love

  • Design your money streams so you can confidently leave your J.O.B or the hustle in your entrepreneurial life

The Details 

Abundance Accelerator Includes:

4 In-Depth Video Modules & lessons

*Each module is designed to help you work through the specifics of multiple streams of income, how to design your own income streams and more

2 BONUS Modules

*Designed to help solidify your learning and implementation of the material

Dedicated Q+A time

*Dedicated Question and Answer periods to help as you progress through the program

Peer-to-peer Facebook Group Support

*What's special about this program is the community, the others you'll be able to connect with on your journey.  This is a peer-to-peer support group where you can ask each other questions and stay connected

Get the Abundance Boost You Need

*This program is designed to support you and as you dig deep into the course content! Get the boost you need to start living the life you want

What Others Are Saying
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About Danielle

From struggling entrepreneur with bits of success to

6 figure per month earner

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Hi, I'm Danielle and I am an online success coach helping people transform to see real results.  Bottom line, I take people from where they are right now to where they want to be.  When we really start to learn what the mind is capable of, you truly can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.


If you're anything like me, I used to look at those online and think they must have started out wealthy, they must have had some leg up on the rest... the truth is, I didn't grow up wealthy.  And as I started my entrepreneurial journey I hit a point where I had to do something different... some may even call this a breaking point.  I was over $100k in credit card debt and struggling to see glimpses of success in my income.  I was told if I just worked harder, if I just put more on my calendar, I'd be successful.

What I learned to do instead is work smarter, not harder.  And the mindset tools I was given truly changed my life.  I've made it my mission to help every single person out there who's willing and ready to learn experience this kind of shift.  I went from earning 6 figures a year to earning 6 figures a month, without sacrificing time with my family.  I truly designed the life & business I have, and I walk the walk daily. 

You deserve abundance, and it's time you claimed that.

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