Community Work
I am so proud to announce our partnership with The Unstoppable Foundation

A portion of each client investment is donated towards this organization that educates children, provides clean water,

healthcare and a daily nutritious meal to every student, AND provides the resources to empower entire communities to lift themselves out of poverty. 


I don’t know how and the how is not up to me!

I’ve jumped in and said YES and committed to sponsoring an entire village.....this is exciting (and terrifying) and I know that why I needed to do it! Together we make light work. 

I am excited to request your support and join me in sponsoring a village in Kenya. This is a huge opportunity to create change and align yourself with an organization that is working in harmony with the Laws. 

Let's talk about if you want to attract more money, give more money. Work with the Law. I have seen my own business grow every time I give in the spirit of giving. Jumping and feeling so good about what this money is doing for the people in Kenya. 

This organization is changing communities forever, it is teaching students TIR!!! It is incredible. 

I have a goal to fundraise $25,000 USD by March 19th. I thought about this a to make it look small, how to impact each one of YOU by putting the Law of Giving into effect, the Law of Cause and Effect. We know this in theory and here is an opportunity to put it to work for you. I am looking for 100 people to donate $235 USD or 200 people to donate $118 USD. Would you help me reach this C type goal, only thinking of can we do it, now how we can't? 


Any donation over $1500 USD, I'll work with you (and your team) for 2 half days or 1 full day on your project to move your goals forward. All donations over $20 receive a tax receipt.


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