6 Week Powerful LIVE Program


Danielle Amos

July 14 - August 18, 2021*


  • 6 teaching webinars

  • Homework and Journal prompts
    each week

  • 1 LIVE Q&A session 

  • Vibrant Facebook Community

*All teachings are recorded


/E kyo͞obed/ - a trifecta transformation where she is guided to express herself, elevate to her next level and builds her empire.

She expresses her inner truth.

She writes her. 

She has the courage to admit to herself first and then others that it is her time.

She rises to understand her purpose.


She elevates herself to the next level.

She calibrates her energy to the next level.

She becomes her. 


She builds her empire. 

She attracts those that only she can guide. 

She has it all - the empire and true love.

She inspires others to do the same. 


Her trifecta transformation. 

The next level growth for the woman who already has so much and KNOWS she is meant for more.

So many "aha!" moments!

Real people, real results

What others have to say about Danielle's Programs:

"Danielle you are a light and an inspiration. My life has been forever changed by my 6 month study in TIR! 

My dreams that I created 6 months ago have almost ALL been made manifest during this time - currently, I am fully financed and in the middle of producing the pilot episode of my female driven gothic western television series, Savage Lot! On top of that I am living in the house I envisioned back in October AND I just wrapped an incredible acting gig in Northern California - really the role of a lifetime. The film's message is SO potent, powerful and timely! All of this was opened up to me by saying YES to this work. Definitely meant to be. I am SO grateful!"

- Rebekah Wiggins
Actor, Director, Producer, Writer & Coach

"I've learned so much about myself, as I mentioned in our call. Also, I've learned some serious life skills such as creating and sticking to a schedule, spending more time meditating because it is important and it creates such a drastic difference in my life, not being dependant on others or outside situations to achieve my goals. I've learned to be less dependant on distractions. I used to smoke cannabis daily - just one little puff - but still, it was daily. Since TIR, I found that I just did not have the need for it. My drive to succeed and grow was so strong that I was no longer looking for distractions. My self image has improved drastically. My business has grown drastically, and it's not even two years old. 

Where can I improve? My relationship with money, my strong will to send more and more love to my partner when in times of *perceived* conflict. And, my schedule and structure to my day. Until yesterday, I was able to keep a daily schedule for a few days, and then I would fall off. I'm going to continue to focus on creating a schedule that works for me daily, and committing to sticking to it. Truly, committing to myself. That's the ultimate reality and goal for me is to show myself how much I love myself by showing up for myself each and every day.


I'll never forget this amazing community and the AHAs that I have experienced throughout these six months. Thank you for being witness to my growth! I am great Full to you!"

- Justine Nigro, the HIVE DESIGN Co.

"I started my career in financial services 15 years ago. I have seen success but was trading time for money. I had been able to go on holidays but my phone was always glued to my side and I was constantly worrying about money and the next sale. 

I was introduced to Danielle and Thinking Into Results in July of 2020. I was hesitant to jump in and then Danielle said the magic words....she had read all the books, taken all the seminars and nothing changed . That was me!!!!!! I’m not new to personal development but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

Since joining TIR in July I have increased my income 35% by working less, manifested a vacation home in Italy and a brand new Jeep. 

As astonishing as these results are to me, the biggest benefit has been my increase in self confidence. I now believe in ME and know I will achieve great success. I’m so grateful for Thinking Into Results and the incredible mentorship from Danielle." 


- Kelly Heatherington