The Empress Chalet Retreat 

Are you ready for an exclusive paradigm shift? Join Danielle June 7-10 for the Empress Chalet Retreat, as you create connections in nature and slow down to speed up. This is a rare opportunity - we don't know when the next retreat will be!

*If you are a past or present client of Danielle's, please reach out for a special price. 



Are you ready to start living a successful life that is easy? Join Danielle for continuum. A workshop on the Universal Laws on how to think, feel, and act a CERTAIN way. Successful people live in harmony with the laws, and once we learn to live in harmony with them life becomes easier and more abundant!

This is now a RECORDED series - you can still join!

Replay's available until May 30th!


The Abundance Movement

Join #theabundancemovement! The more people who recognize the beauty and feel the abundance of the world, the more beautiful and abundant the world becomes. 

#theabundancemovement is an on-going, 33-day challenge


The Empress Connection 

Imagine spending an afternoon with your mentor, networking with a group of incredible, like-minded people in a luxury Chalet tucked away in the trees on the Georgian Bay. Eating beautiful food, having deep, meaningful conversations, and expanding.

Join Danielle for an exclusive soiree event with an option to upgrade to VIP

June 10th 1 PM ET - 4 PM ET