With global business and personal development leader, Danielle Amos

and top prosperity leader, Bob Proctor.

When we start to understand what we truly want and desire.  We start to see our thoughts manifest into things in our reality and life.  We then manifest our next goal and the cycle forms of manifesting and achieving each new level of success.

I want this season to be the time you start achieving your desires.

Maybe you have read the secret, but didn't know exactly how to take the words from the book and apply it to your everyday life?

You want to change your current situation into one that is abundant and filled with light.

You want to spend your days doing something that you are passionate about.  

You want to have the time and freedom to live life on your terms.

The New Lead The Field Program

*6 month program designed to help change your thinking to help manifest your dreams and desires

  • Learn & implement what top leaders know to achieve your dreams, the very reason why the creator of this program multiplied his income by 43 x from these principles

  • Learn how to create time and freedom to live the life you want 

  • Gain lifetime access to the course material

  • Become enlightened with a way of thinking and approaching life that will help bring your dreams to reality

The Details 

The New Lead The Field Program Includes:

12 Sensational Lessons From Bob Proctor

*Each lesson Bob proctor (known from "The Secret") will share his guidance and wisdom to help you live the life you truly want

Lifetime Access to the Lessons

*Designed to help you go at your own pace and develop a deeper understanding of the material

Weekly Check-in

*Stay on task and accountable with weekly check-ins

6 Months of Access to the Client Portal

*Get access to all Lead the Field Resources for 6 months

On-demand Lead the Field Lesson Webinars & Recorded Q&A

*Learn when it's convenient for you with our Lesson Webinars and Recorded Q&A's

Bi-weekly Mastermind Group

*Being a part of a mastermind group is a key ingredient to success according to Napolean Hill and through the New Lead the Field program we set you up with a Mastermind group of fellow LTF students.

Text Chat with Other Members

*Stay connected with our Voxer voice support chat

Open Office Hours

*Access to Open Office Hours for any questions you may have for Danielle

Access to Daily Study Club 

*Join fellow students daily and study side by side. Accountability & community to take your studies to the next level


*All grads of my TIR Coaching Mentorship program receive TIR Membership for FREE for 6 months and

will study TIR lessons on the weekends ($6,000 value)

*Approximately every 4-months there is one week of no calls, this is used as an implementation week. ​
In December, the schedule changes as we do Clearing and Cutting as a community.

What Others Are Saying
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 7.34.47 PM.png

"When Danielle suggested I take the Lead The Field Program, I trusted her instincts and jumped in. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to fit in another program but once I started, I couldn’t stop!! The concepts in LTF were so interesting to me, learning about the various laws of the universe and how they apply to me and my business were very valuable! Everything Bob shares in LTF was easy to understand and have become life lessons for me. I refer back to the Lead The Field program often in my own programs and coaching. I’m so glad I said yes and trusted Danielle - this one is a game-changer for sure!"

- Shana Recker, Online Coach

"Before I jumped into lead the field I heard it was “ TIR on steroids” and there is truth to this. I have always been intrigued with the Laws of the Universe and this program digs deep into that and so much more. Lead the field truly gives you the specialized tools to lead the field!  I have bonused at the highest level in my company for 8 months straight and I attribute that success to adapting and applying what I learned in LTF! "


-Wendy Holmes, Network Marketing Professional


"LTF is the natural next step after TIR. Through TIR I was briefly introduced to the laws of the universe and knew I wanted to study them in more depth. LTF does exactly that. It helped me better understand the ebbs and flows of life and business and what to do when each occurs. It helped me achieve a deeper faith in myself and the universe at large. It is a truly amazing program and I am very grateful for the growth I achieved while studying. I will continue to study LTF year after year."


-Katherine Davis Bennett, Real Estate Broker

About Danielle

From struggling entrepreneur with bits
of success to
6 figure per month earner


Hi, I'm Danielle and I am an online success coach helping people transform to see real results.  Bottom line, I take people from where they are right now to where they want to be.  When we really start to learn what the mind is capable of, you truly can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.


If you're anything like me, I used to look at those online and think they must have started out wealthy, they must have had some leg up on the rest... the truth is, I didn't grow up wealthy.  And as I started my entrepreneurial journey I hit a point where I had to do something different... some may even call this a breaking point.  I was over $100k in credit card debt and struggling to see glimpses of success in my income.  I was told if I just worked harder, if I just put more on my calendar, I'd be successful.

What I learned to do instead is work smarter, not harder.  And the mindset tools I was given truly changed my life.  I've made it my mission to help every single person out there who's willing and ready to learn experience this kind of shift.  I went from earning 6 figures a year to earning 6 figures a month, without sacrificing time with my family.  I truly designed the life & business I have, and I walk the walk daily. 

You deserve abundance, and it's time you claimed that.

Your Investment

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  • 6 payments of $1,990 (total of $11,940) OR

  • 1 payment of $9,995 (savings of $1,945)

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Walk a path that so many successful entrepreneurs have before and watch success and abundance come your way.   It takes 120 days to make this shift, and all I have to ask is...

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