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"My advice for those starting their own business would be to get a clear picture of what you want from your business, whom do you want to be as an entrepreneur what do you want to do with your days, how do you want to serve, who are your ideal clients - create a clear picture of this ideal business on paper"

I also have been so fortunate to be featured on the following Podcasts, Live TV shows, and Radio Segments. 

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Danielle has achieved success, which for Danielle follows Earl Nightingale’s definition “the progression realization of a worthy ideal”, that is, success is to move closer to your goal daily, progressively doing better and better. Now her next projects include launching a podcast, writing a book, and presenting a kids’ mindset program that is in testing mode now.

Danielle had the pleasure of being interviewed on James Miller Lifeology tm Radio.  A nationally broadcasted and syndicated inspirational and self-development radio show.  He is a licensed psychotherapist with over twenty years of experience. You can hear the interview on all major streaming services, on his two websites or jamesmillerlifeology or click on the photos to hear more! 

Becoming your Healthiest Self - Danielle
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“I want to teach the valuable tools that I have learned. I coach clients all over the world through my own combined approach. I use the principles of Thinking Into Results to make powerful shifts in their mindset, and I have also customized a healthy living program to help them nurture their body,” 

Interview with WMAP
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Sometimes it is hard to look inwards and revisit our own life. Many of us tend to forget about our spiritual self, and all that makes us who we are, besides the daily routine we follow daily. However, disregarding our self may be problematic in the long term, as the mindset is so important for any enterprise or venture.

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Danielle Amos is a Teacher for Others in Understanding their Quantum Relationships: Here’s how she can help you Achieve Emotional and Mental Balance During the Difficult Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Pandemic and Financial Stress is Rampant in as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic: High-Performance Mindset Coach Danielle Amos is Here to Help

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