Meet the Team

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Nora Young

Nora Young is a multi-preneur.  She began her yoga journey 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back ever since!  Nora started yoga as a way to cope with chronic anxiety and stress. After witnessing the benefits the practise had to offer, she knew that this was her calling to share with the world.  Nora is highly intuitive and passionate about sharing the teachings of yoga, energy, and mindfulness with her students. To help empower, educate and inspire people to improve the quality of their lives.  She is a student at heart and is dedicated to ongoing personal and professional development by immersing herself in programs and trainings regularly. Nora owns and operates a home-based yoga studio where she works with clients one on one and in groups to uncover the root causes of suffering. 



Real, Raw and Authentic would best describe Nora and her teaching style. She embodies this work and teaches through experience. When Nora isn’t teaching or practicing yoga, you will most likely find her studying, enjoying nutritious food and in nature with her husky, always in quiet contemplation.  



Thousands of Hours
Practicing & Teaching Yoga
Yoga Therapist
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Yoga 4 Classrooms/ChildLight Yoga
Reiki/Energy Healer
Emotional Freedom Practitioner
Healthy Living Coach
Movement for Trauma
Mindset and Success Training
Life experience best credentials! 

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Shelley Brook

Shelley is Executive Assistant to Danielle Amos and owner of Shelley Brook Virtual Assistants.  Shelley began working and studying with Danielle in June 2018 and quickly became an avid studier of Danielle's and Bob Proctor's work. 


Thank's to this material and consistent and persistent effort, Shelley has built a fledgling business to a fulltime passion and income allowing her to leave her career as a mid-level manager for a municipality coordinating youth programs and events.

Now, Shelley works from home on her own schedule, allowing her to put her focus and love into what matters most, her husband and two children. She believes that entrepreneurship is the key to one’s independence and that we can each create our own economy.  She also believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to be their own boss, to write their own pay cheques and schedule their own schedules, to have the flexibility to be able to take care of their family or to take that extra vacation.