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Danielle Amos
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Do you ever feel like:

*You're spinning your wheels with the results you're

currently getting in your business?

*You not only want to make more income, you need to

*And you're sick and tired of constantly worrying about your finances

*Do you hate looking at your bank account, and try to not login unless you have to?

*Maybe you are constantly shifting payments around from credit card to credit card, wondering when you're finally going to see the pay off in your business?

*Do you feel like there is never enough money?  Or maybe you're worried that it might run out?

I know exactly where you are at because, this used to be me...

And it kept me awake at night.  I was worried about the credit card debt I had racked up "trying" to make my business work.

I was worried that it was never going to work out, and this would all be for nothing.   There was a time where I lived off those credit cards...

And then I learned why my mindset was keeping me stuck there...

And what was even better- I had a plan in place to change it all.

I knew at that point, I had to share it with others because this conversation about constantly feeling like there was never enough money, I knew I wasn't the only one.

Introducing My Signature Program
Money Manifestor

When you learn the power of your mind,

and the tools to shift your money mindset

everything changes.

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"Working with Danielle has helped me actually live the values and laws I’ve always believed in with consistency and effectiveness. After my first 6 weeks in the program, I won top producer of the month in my real estate office and got my clients their dream properties at a great price (one wasn’t even on the market!) So many wins! Can’t wait for all the growth and abundance coming my way. Thank you, Danielle!"

- Alexandra Cote, Realtor

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"It has truly been an honor and pleasure to work with Danielle as my coach and mentor. She has touched my life and helped me in so many ways, that I’m not sure where exactly I would be had I not experienced her mentorship. She is truly inspiring and has been a gift in my life. She vibrates at a high energetic level, and her attitude is contagious. She lives by example, and as I watch to see how her life is unfolding, I know that I can also have that same kind of impact in my own life. Words or phrases that come to mind when I think of how to describe Danielle – humble, spirit-filled, intuitive, outrageously wild in her ability to attain goals and help others do the same, spot on in her advice, passionate to help others, and most of all, she is connected…. to spirit, to her clients and to herself, which makes for the best kind of coach you could possibly have!


I would recommend Danielle to be your coach if you are looking for a life that you have dreamt about and haven’t yet attained. She will help you make it a reality!"

- Tina, Golden Healings

The Details 

What's included in the program

*Identify what's holding you back not only in finances but, all areas of your life

*Learn the tools and strategies to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be

*Discover what's blocking you from receiving money, and start becoming a money magnet

*Learn why you are worthy of this success and to let it come with ease

Money Manifestor Includes:

6 Video Modules released bi-weekly for you

*each module is designed to help you work through your money mindset blocks,

identify what is holding you back, and shift you into a position for success.  You will have access to the material for life so you can go at your own pace and come back to the material when you need a refresher

Peer-to-peer Facebook Group Support

*what's special about this program is the community, the others you'll be able to connect with on your journey.  This is a peer-to-peer support group where you can ask eachother questions and stay connected.  Danielle will pop in from time to time to provide support as needed.

Money Manifestor Workbook

*This workbook is designed to prompt you and support you and as you dig deep into the course content! It will provide a beautiful record of the goals you set and the process you went through as your desires materialize.

Client Testimonials
About Danielle

From struggling entrepreneur with bits of success to

6 figure per month earner

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Hi, I'm Danielle and I am an online success coach helping people transform to see real results.  Bottom line, I take people from where they are right now to where they want to be.  When we really start to learn what the mind is capable of, you truly can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.


If you're anything like me, I used to look at those online and think they must have started out wealthy, they must have had some leg up on the rest... the truth is, I didn't grow up wealthy.  And as I started my entrepreneurial journey I hit a point where I had to do something different... some may even call this a breaking point.  I was over $100k in credit card debt and struggling to see glimpses of success in my income.  I was told if I just worked harder, if I just put more on my calendar, I'd be successful.

What I learned to do instead is work smarter, not harder.  And the mindset tools I was given truly changed my life.  I've made it my mission to help every single person out there who's willing and ready to learn experience this kind of shift.  I went from earning 6 figures a year to earning 6 figures a month, without sacrificing time with my family.  I truly designed the life & business I have, and I walk the walk daily. 

You deserve abundance, and it's time you claimed that.

Not sure if this is right for you?

If you are extremely interested but need to know a bit more, book a clarity call with my team and together we can help you map out the right course of action