3 Steps to Manage Your Day

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, wherever you are in the world today!

I'm excited to talk to you this week about TIME! Not just time itself, but how you spend the 24 hours you have during the day!

Let me guess, you're busy, right? Life is busy! Every minute of every day you're doing something! Whether it's what you want to be doing, need to be doing, love to be doing or thinking about what you'd rather be doing, your time is taken! Every minute of every day! Am I right?

"How's it going today?" they ask

"Good! but busy though!" you reply 

"How was your weekend?" you ask

"Oh, it was great, but so busy too!" they reply

It's almost like if we weren't busy we're somehow less adequate...even if busy means binge watching Netflix, we say we're busy! (are you guilty of this? I'm guilty of this!) It's almost like we use the word busy as either the reason or the excuse to seem like we're making things happen.... and maybe we are because well, human nature really...we all WANT to make things happen! We all want to grow!

Busy, by definition, means "keep occupied" and while we can always find something to do, the question should be...

Am I really doing what I want to be doing?

~Side note: I am not talking here about our responsibilities, this is different!~

Let me regress for a moment, prior to reaching this point in my career I was BUSY! Travelling many, many hours in the food tourism industry, building my social marketing business, being a mom to my young daughter, wife to my husband Paul (who at times was not home for extended periods due to his acting career), and STILL trying to find time to do the things that I loved to do...if I could remember what those were! I'm sure you have a similar story to relate too.

To be honest, I just wasn't focused. I had a whole laundry list of to-do's on top of my already daily responsibilities, which I hardly made the time to do because I was so BUSY! Sometimes they were important things that needed to be done too and I would often say to myself that I'll just sneak that in here or if such and such happens, I'll do that there but most times I never got to them or I was late. PLUS, on top of this there was the a n x i e t y of thinking about what I needed to do!

*Breathe Danielle*

MAN, this all sounds so exhausting just writing it!!

But do you see what I'm saying here?

What I was really doing was leaving the whole process up to chance!  I was letting the priorities in my life be left up to the outside world! I was letting the outside world decide how I spent my time!


But most of us were taught to do that by people who knew no different either.

It's not that I was letting people tell me what to do...I was just reacting to what was going on around me!

And sadly, it was NOT working for me! 

On the outside I appeared to have it all together but on the inside, my self-confidence was lacking HUGE! I wasn't focused and my self image was suffering!

I was finally able to recognise this with the help of my mentor who told me I needed to look at my results for the answer! Because fast forward to now, even though my career has changed the "to-do" list hasn't that much. I still have shit to do, its just now more in order (and more of what I want to do)!

If you're relating with me on some level, I suggest you do the same. Start looking at each areas in your life (financial, relationships, career, etc.) and if you're not getting the results you want, look at how you're spending your time!

Once I did that, I started to recognise certain activities I was involved in that had no impact on getting me closer to my goal. I started to notice people I was surrounding myself with that were not inline with who I wanted to become and I realized that a lot of what I was doing was not serving me. Not only that but I had lost my passion.

DING, DING, DING!!! Red flag Danielle!

I love the saying "Energy flows where your attention goes"! Once I started paying attention to where my energy was flowing, it was easy to see why so many areas in my life weren't working for me!

I encourage you to do the same for yourself!

Here is an exercise that you can do that helped me manage my activities!

FYI- we manage activities not time, time cannot be managed! We all have the same 24 hours in a day!

For one week (if you don't already do this) start to create a schedule yourself and follow it! My mantra is " what gets scheduled, gets done!" I love keeping an electronic (I use Google) and paper calendar.

Start with your goal in mind...

1. Identify and write down your non-negotiable activities (self-care/study, work, family, doctors appointments, child(ren) activities, etc..) Put those into your calendar first!

Now you're able to see where you have pockets of time!

2. Next, (if you have a side hustle) plug in your income producing activity (IPA). Define the hours where you will work your business. Remember you started your side hustle because you want more time, I'm 99.9% sure of this, this is to be done every day!

3. Identify 6 goal achieving activities that you will do the following day to help you reach your goal. These are ideas that come to mind outside of your IPA. Maybe it's to start a blog, call an old friend who came to mind about starting a business or research an online business coach. Whatever it is, plug them in. Most times these don't even take that long.

Remember, what gets scheduled, gets done!

Since I have learned how to manage my activities,  I have built integrity in all areas of my life! I've built confidence in myself and have shown myself that I am able to give myself a command and follow it! It's really quite liberating and like I said builds confidence to move forward into the next day, and the day after that!

Do this exercise; practise managing your activities. You'll find out that you'll not only be able to get everything done but you'll be able to do it with ease and that's how it should be done!

Expect Abundance!

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