A Lesson In Persistence!

I came across this quotation by Dean Briggs and its one I've read before, and each time it gets me..

It goes like this..

"Do you work. Not just your work and no more, but a little more for the lavishing sake; that little more that is worth all the rest. And if you suffer, as you must, and if you doubt as you must, do your work. Put your heart into it and the sky will clear. And then out of your very doubt and suffering will be born the supreme joy of life."

Does that resonate with you like it does me?

Wow! Every time I hear that it brings me comfort knowing that it's okay to struggle and doubt ourselves on our path to greatness, AND we must keep going in the face of it all!

Check out this video from my mentor, Bob Proctor, from another Value from the Vault on Persistence and how we need to use Persistence to work for us and not against us!

If you're going into 2019 and thinking you can up your Persistence game, I am hosting a webinar on Dec 21st at 11:30am EST and I invite you to join in!

If this strikes a cord with you, click here to join us in kicking off the new year for your BEST YEAR yet!  Always With Gratitude,


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