A little story about me...

Ahhhh! I am waking up this morning with such an incredible feeling! I am still on a high from last night! 

If you were at my Thinking Into The Black event, Thank-you for being there! To walk into that packed room was INSANE! I am so honored and humbled to have spoken in front of you and so many others who are all curious about what I teach!

I have to laugh a bit because the Danielle that was on stage last night, was NOT the same Danielle when I started this teaching this material 5 years ago! There was NO WAY IN HELL that I would have ever gotten up on stage and said anything, let alone a 3 hour event with only myself speaking!

That is the power of this material! 

In a lesson out of the program (for more info, see below) I teach we talk about PRAXIS, the integration of belief with behaviour. Now if you don't understand that your subconscious mind controls 97% of everything that you do, your results are going to be hit and miss because what you want isn't programmed into who you are, otherwise you would already have it. Would you agree?

Maybe speaking on stage isn't your thing, I didn't think it was mine either but the more I created my worthy goal of being there, doing what I am doing with my clients and the rest of our community it became apparent to me that if I did a larger event, I could impact more people! And so I acted!

Enter what I like to call the TERROR BARRIER! Fear, doubt and worry!

But for real you guys, in all transparency, I was scared shitless last night on my way to that event! I almost bailed!!! But through this work I knew what was happening and how to handle it. I've put in the work and I believed in my heart and soul that I was going to do great!

When my team and I first started planning the event I went to work on my mind! It was through constant spaced repetition, mirror work and visualization that got me on that stage! I pictured looking out into the crowd of a packed room, the type of person who I want to work with, how I would look, what I would say, how I would engage the crowd, where I would walk, how I would feel, everything!  

Doing this over and over again ingrained in me the belief and the faith that I would fulfill this goal of mine!

Was everything perfect? Nope! Did it turn out exactly how I envisioned it? Nada!

Was is still a success? TOTALLY!

Because I had the faith and understanding that it would!

We are programmed to see how things can't be done, it is our responsibility, now that we are aware, to see how it can be done! That's living! That's progressing! That's your true self shining through!

I'd like to suggest reading the Faith chapter in famous book Think and Grow Rich for more insight on how to grow your Faith because it can be learned and start integrating your new beliefs with your behaviour!

For more information on the program that I teach and how we can overcome fear, doubt and worry please check this link out here! The log in details are: Username - preview@thinkingintoresults.com Password - preview. If you have any questions and would like to set up a strategy call, email me at info@danielleamos.co

Being now on the other side of that event and all that fear, doubt and worry is really a liberating feeling and I know that today I have grown in leaps and bounds from who I was yesterday. I used the tools we all have to bust through the terror barrier and am on the other side. The only thing that means though, is now I have to push myself again! Yikes!

Expect abundance!

With Gratitude, Danielle

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