12. The secret to manifesting your desires.

In this episode, I share my tips and tricks on how to easily manifest things into your life. Anything from parking spots to dream jobs! I share my story on how I easily manifest upgrades to first-class flights.

Episode Show Notes:

  • A couple easy examples to understand manifestation [2:04]

  • You can't expect to get what you want if you're not asking for it specifically [7:57]

  • Have faith that the universe will deliver in it's own time [9:39]

  • When the opportunity arrives, be sure to accept [11:57]

  • Don't act surprised when the opportunity presents itself - expect it [13:07]

  • "There's no such thing as luck. You're just living in harmony with the laws." [15:16]

  • "It's not IF it's going to come; it's WHEN" [15:55]

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