17. What does Prosperity and Abundance actually mean?

Ooooh, I love talking about abundance! In this episode, I share how to really understand what it means to be Prosperous and what it means to be Abundant! They are not the same! Join in the conversation in today's episode.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "You can't be thinking of limitations and prosperity at the same time" [1:24]

  • We attract money the same way a magnet attracts metal objects [2:05]

  • Your 'magnet' has been programmed to attract the lack and limitation [4:10]

  • There is an unlimited supply of wealth that comes from the universe [5:07]

  • Take a deep look at who you're surrounding yourself with and how you're attracting what it is that you want [5:54]

  • "We need to tune ourselves into that unlimited supply of potential" [8:32]

  • "You wouldn't desire something unless it was already yours" [9:16]

  • Things come to you because of who you are, not what you do [10:52]

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