18. What to Do If Your Partner Is Not a Believer

Do you find yourself trying to explain some of this mindset work to your partner, without the reaction you're hoping for? Believe it or not, I can relate! In today's episode, we discuss what to do if your partner doesn't believe in this kind of work, and how to persevere with your own mindset work!

Episode Show Notes:

  • At first, my husband did not believe in this mindset work either! [1:41]

  • "You attracted this information into your life" [2:14]

  • You are listening to this episode for a reason [2:51]

  • You need to put your own oxygen mask on first and spend time on learning this material [4:59]

  • The best way to show them that this works is by providing proof [6:23]

  • You don't want to force your beliefs on anybody [7:35]

  • "When your awareness increases, it's like turning on a light and you can't go backwards" [8:57]

  • "Your results will always tell where your mindset is at" [9:38]

  • When you stay at this high vibration, a lot of the time your partner will meet you up there [11:48]

  • "In a universe where everything is possible, what kind of relationship do you want?" [13:04]

  • "If you want more love, you've got to be more loving" [15:00]

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