21. Where true SECURITY comes from

In this episode, I share my thoughts on how to truly FEEL and BE secure in times of uncertainty. With everything that is going on, I want you to control your circumstances and not fall to the consciousness of the masses.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "Whatever you believe the present circumstances to be, will be your truth" [2:09]

  • How to be in control of the present circumstances [2:51]

  • Don't postpone investing in yourself! [3:41]

  • Worrying won't change the situation [7:10]

  • "Where we put our focus is what's going to grow" [8:24]

  • "My perception is creating my experience" [9:53]

  • This time is offerening an opportunity for change [11:28]

  • The Law of Rhythm lets you know that night will still follow day & the world will keep moving [13:10]

  • "When something's really bad, it has to be really good on the other side" [13:45]

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