22. How to raise your vibration when life is hard.

In this episode, I share some simple techniques to help you raise your vibration and your energy to help you attract good things in times like we're in today. It starts with making a commitment to change it... listen here for the rest of the steps!

Episode Show Notes:

  • "Each one of us has a responsibility to control what we can control" [1:23]

  • "If you resist the ever-changing flow of life, your growth becomes stagnant" [2:56]

  • Living in harmony with the laws will allow you to thrive [3:47]

  • Some tips to help shift your vibration [5:13]

  • Do something different to get different results [8:56]

  • "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it" [10:33]

  • "Find a way to dance along with the beat of life" [11:31]

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