23. How to overcome feelings of overwhelm.

In this episode, I share my best tips and advice for dealing with feelings of overwhelm. I give you tangible steps that you can use starting TODAY to remove overwhelm and discover solutions that will help you move forward.

Episode Show Notes:

  • There is nobody out there that knows for sure what will happen [2:39]

  • "By creating clarity in the mind, the overwhelm feeling will dissipate" [3:02]

  • Try writing out all of your thoughts that are creating the overwhelm [3:38]

  • "Your subconscious mind is always running, whether you are awake or asleep" [6:28]

  • Just take it day by day and try and do your best each day [9:01]

  • "You can't predict what you don't know" [9:15]

  • Focus on your goals and what it looks like to have that goal achieved [11:02]

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