Today's podcast is to inspire you to live and show up in your light. To put down the fear and scarcity and pick up the hope, joy and the love that is everywhere. You always have a choice.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "I choose to believe that everything is happening for us" [3:24]

  • The importance of holding on to hope during a crisis [4:22]

  • "You wouldn't have the desire if it wasn't meant for you" [6:02]

  • We all have different experiences that are based on our perception [7:54]

  • Serving others will help to put a good vibration into the universe [10:05]

  • "The fear goes away when we help other people" [10:47]

  • Put the work in now for what you want for the future [12:32]

  • "I choose to believe that this is an amazing opportunity for each and every one of us" [13:36]

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