25. How to prepare yourself for opportunity!

Today I talk about how to prepare ourselves for opportunity, so when that opportunity arrives, we're ready to take hold. By adjusting our frequencies to match that of our future selves (with our goals achieved), we will be able to better recognize these opportunities when they come. Dive in to today's episode to learn more.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "If we're not prepared, we will never see opportunity" [1:32]

  • Opportunity doesn't always look the way we expect it to [2:18]

  • "It is not possible for you to achieve your goal being the person that you are now" [3:40]

  • What do you look like with your goal achieved and how is that different from who you are now? [4:53]

  • "The world is crying for people to stand up and be the leaders" [8:49]

  • Your priorities show up in your schedule and your bank account [10:03]

  • You need to tune your radio into your new goal [13:52]

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