26. What happens after you make a decision and take action.

I took some time this past week to really focus on a different goal for my family. My husband, Paul, set a goal for himself that even he wasn't sure if he could achieve. Once Paul decided to take action on his idea, we started to see immediate results. If you are able to imagine a goal, you are able to achieve it.

Episode Show Notes:

  • Why I haven't done any podcasts for the past week [1:30]

  • "The businesses that are willing to adapt will thrive" [2:26]

  • Make sure your goals are big enough to make you jump out of bed [5:42]

  • Stop letting the immediate results control your mood [6:36]

  • "Live from the inside out" [7:31]

  • "If your results aren't what you want right now, you have to take responsibility for your thinking" [7:57]

  • "Ideas come to you because you can execute them" [9:56]

  • When you can see the goal being executed, you will conquer any obstacles [10:53]

  • You don't have to know the 'how' quite yet [13:29]

  • Act as though your goals are already achieved [16:35]

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