28. Mindset Work & Network Marketing with Micah Folsom

Today, I sit down with Micah Folsom, network marketing pro and business coach, to discuss the mindset work that she has been doing and how it has helped in her business and personal life. We discuss everything from the power of making a decision, and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "Mindset is the most powerful tool that we have in our tool belt" [2:47]

  • How Micah got into network marketing [3:32]

  • Most people are unaware that they are even using the mindset principles [9:15]

  • "The universe has your back" [14:41]

  • How mindset has impacted Micah's life at home [14:50]

  • The power of making a decision [22:30]

  • "There's a difference between hoping or wishing and drawing a line in the sand and deciding" [22:46]

  • Why community is so important in times of crisis [26:52]

  • "If I hadn't surrounded myself with people who were where I wanted to go, I wouldn't have known what was possible" [30:23]

  • The one thing Micah wants you to know about mindset [32:24]

  • "We have the choice to step into the next level version of ourselves" [33:02]

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