29. Your imagination is a muscle that must be worked out.

Our imagination is one of the most important tools in our toolbox. It is something that makes us uniquely human and can be an amazing asset to our personal development and business. But, if we don't use our imagination often, it is something that gets harder and harder to utilize. When we use our imagination, our potential is infinite!

Episode Show Notes:

  • "The truth is that we're manifesting all the time" [2:18]

  • If you're imagination muscle doesn't get worked out daily, it gets weak [3:16]

  • When you build upon already existing ideas, you can create magic [5:46]

  • "Our imagination is the bridge that connects our subconscious mind with infinite potential" [6:39]

  • The ability to use our imagination is something that is uniquely human [9:48]

  • "Where you put your focus and energy is what's going to grow" [12:40]

  • Paying attention to what you're feeling will keep you in harmony with the laws [14:35]

  • "The truth is nothing is positive or negative. It is just your perception that makes it so" [15:20]

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