34. Turning Your Pain into Purpose with Muve Life Founder, Michelle Wolfe

Today, I sit down with wellness and accountability coach and the founder of Muve Life, Michelle Wolfe.

Michelle was born and raised in Mitchell, Ontario and after the unfortunate passing of her mother, she became obsessed with health and wellness and becoming the best version of herself. She became an RMT and grew her own business, Muve Life, where she shares health tips to help inspire others to live a healthy life. 

After a series of struggles in later years, she decided to start her own podcast called Muve Forward, which interviews people who have been able to find the growth in their own struggles. Today,  we sit down to discuss how she has been able to use her own struggles to focus on her wellness and help others heal their bodies from the inside out.

Episode Show Notes:

  • A little about Michelle's journey [2:12]

  • Finding the good in the difficult times [7:22]

  • "Even through the toughest times, I can always find something to be grateful for" [8:50]

  • One of the Aha! moments that Michelle had using mindset work [10:54]

  • "The brighter you shine, the more people you impact" [14:10]

  • In a world where anything's possible, what's next for Michelle? [14:41]

  • "You can't attract people to you, unless you can help them" [18:39]

  • What is the biggest area of growth for Michelle? [22:42]

  • "I always use my struggles and hardships as an opportunity to help others" [23:51]

  • "I know in my bones that I am more" [32:15]

  • "The universe doesn't know what's big or small, only your mind makes it so" [34:21]

  • The impact you give is always in relation to the money that you earn [36:45]

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