40. A millionaire's perspective on changing your money beliefs

I got asked the other day, "How do I provide a positive money mindset for my child, without them thinking that I will buy them everything"? I believe that it is all about balance. Knowing that anything is possible, but also recognizing that it is going to take some work to achieve it. I discuss all this and more in today's episode.

Episode Show Notes:

  • I always knew that I would be a millionaire [3:41]

  • Using the law of relativity in your favour [7:28]

  • "Notice what comes back to you when you're in the feeling of abundance" [7:57]

  • "The only reason something appears big is because you're comparing it to something that feels small" [9:28]

  • How to talk about money with your kids [14:25]

  • Money is everywhere, but you have to provide a service to get paid [17:07]

  • You teach your children through your actions [20:49]

  • "Feel the same gratitude for the dime as you would for the $10,000" [22:01]

  • "The people who think money is not important are unaware to the fact that it is" [23:30]

  • "You have the ability to attract as much money as you want" [24:55]

  • Money provides good energy [25:28]

  • Too many people spend their lives waiting. It's time to live now! [28:08]

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