42. Exercising your Creative Muscles with Victoria Atkin

In today's episode, I sit down with my friend and voice actor, Victoria Atkin, to discuss how she taps into her creative muscles, how she has used manifestation in her career and personal life and how Victoria has used this time that we've been given to her benefit.

Having strong imagination muscles is key in manifesting the life of your dreams. Tune into today's episode for some tips on strengthening these muscles.

Episode Show Notes:

  • How Victoria got started with mindset work [2:27]

  • Victoria’s tips for working out your imagination muscle [7:30]

  • “Start small. Don’t imagine yourself being a billionaire, if you can’t imagine yourself being a millionaire” [12:40]

  • How Victoria steps into character [14:25]

  • How Victoria manifested her life [16:03]

  • How Victoria has turned the quarantine into a time to earn [17:21]

  • The difference between manifestation and talent [18:44]

  • “Desire is something that comes from within” [20:18]

  • How Victoria handles rejection [20:41]

Listen to the Performance Capture Podcast here: https://victoriaatkin.com/podcast

Check out some of Victoria's classes here: https://victoriaatkin.com/classes

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