43. Changing the way you look at your goals

When you look at your goals, do you tend to only see the distance between where you are now and what it would take to achieve this goal? Most of us do. When you focus on the lack and the absence of your goal achieved, that is what will come true. We need to shift our focus to what it would be like to have your goal already achieved. Remember, your current results are only temporary.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "Activate a vibration of hope, so you can move into that reality" [1:04]

  • Learning how the 1% think [2:00]

  • Changing the way you think about your goals [3:59]

  • "Success is the progressive realization of your goal" [4:57]

  • It only takes one person to change the trajectory of your business [6:24]

  • "You have to understand the temporary nature of your current results" [10:09]

  • "Activate a vibration of hope, so you can move into that reality" [15:33]

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