54. Releasing Your Pre-Programmed Thoughts

Did you know that we have all been pre-programmed? Your parents have done the best that they could with the tools they were given, and so have you. I know I grew up with sayings such as "Money is the root of all evil" or "Money doesn't grow on trees". But, it's time to release these pre-programmed thoughts. You have the power to stop the cycle. Learn how in today's episode.

Episode Show Notes:

  • How have you been pre-programmed? [1:45]

  • How I’ve stopped the cycle of pre-programming [3:38]

  • “You have all the power within to change your programming” [5:33]

  • 96-98% of the time we are acting from our unconscious mind [7:44]

  • You have to be open to accepting a new belief system [11:42]

  • Did you know that money is actually energy? [13:26]

  • The law of compensation [14:25]

  • The ways that Covid19 has actually helped the world [18:20]

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