62. What to do when you're feeling discouraged

We all experience stress, frustration, anger. But, it is in how we handle these negative emotions that will impact our future. By slowing down and thinking of what it is that you're grateful for, you can change your negative vibration into a positive one. Tune in to today's episode.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "Your emotion is your guidance system" [1:34]

  • Why do we get into a negative vibration? [2:36]

  • Take a look at what you're currently attracting into your life [4:10]

  • When you're in a negative space, try thinking of what you're grateful for [7:22]

  • "We can take our control back by simply slowing down and thinking" [10:03]

  • "You can't change the past, but you can change your perception of it" [13:22]

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