66. How our childhood has shaped our beliefs about money

"Money doesn't grow on trees", "Money is the root of all evil", "Money can't buy happiness" ... do these sound familiar? We all grew up hearing these common phrases about money. But, how has it shaped how we view money as an adult? In today's episode, I talk about how to get past some of these beliefs that have been instilled in us and how to shift our thinking when it comes to money. Tune into today's episode.

Episode Show Notes:

  • A little about my own money beliefs growing up [3:01]

  • Our relationship with money requires nurturing [3:54]

  • I want you to really tap into how you feel about money [4:16]

  • "If you feel good about money, you'll attract more of it" [4:38]

  • "Our natural state is to grow and to become better" [6:33]

  • Changing the way the next generation thinks [7:22]

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