72. Living from the Heart with Tina Bishai

In today's episode, I share a bit of my recent conversation with my own Shamanic Healer, Tina Bishai. We talk all about our intuition and how it will always guide us towards what it is that we need. Tune into today's episode to learn more!

Episode Show Notes:

  • What do we mean by phyical signs of your intuition at work? [7:20]

  • "Your intuition is a sacred gift" [8:48]

  • What happened when Tina started following her intuition [11:23]

  • Intuition is our ability to access our heart [15:40]

  • How to strengthen your intuition [17:24]

  • Why it's so important to maintain your child-like wonder [19:57]

  • Some advice if you feel like you've hit a glass ceiling [23:19]

  • "Your intuition will lead you to achieving Quantum Leaps" [28:17]

  • A look into what we have planned next! [28:32]

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