73. Teaching your Children to have an Abundant Mindset

Have you started learning about paradigms and noticed all of the things that were said to you as a child that contributed to a lack mindset? Are you worried that you're passing this on to your own children? Then today's episode is for you. Tune in to learn about how I teach my daughter to expect abundance and how you can teach this to your children too!

Episode Show Notes:

  • "The universe has to prove our subconscious mind correct" [2:21]

  • We teach what we were taught until we are taught to think differently [4:31]

  • Letting go of the idea that everything has to be perfect [9:22]

  • With each day of doing this work, you are becoming the best version of yourself [10:47]

  • "Now that you know what a paradigm is, it is your responsibility to change it" [12:10]

  • Changing the mindset of one person at a time is what will change the world [14:55]

  • "You have a purpose and it's time to shine bright" [15:53]

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