75. Changing into your Next Level Self

In today's episode I am talking all about transforming into your next level self. It is so easy to stay in your comfort zone. True bravery is taking the necessary steps forward to get from where you are, to where you want to be. Tune into today's episode and don't forget to register for this week's Masterclass!

Episode Show Notes:

  • Growth is a natural part of being a human being [2:38]

  • "When we start to transform, we get a totally different view of the world" [4:35]

  • Decision is key when making a big transformation [5:26]

  • Ask yourself if you've been playing small [7:42]

  • "The longer you wait, the more comfortable you become and the harder it gets to change" [9:11]

  • "Transformation and growth is a commitment over an entire lifetime" [10:06]

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