76. Becoming in Alignment with Your Truth

Today's episode is a clip from Day 1 of our Becoming Masterclass all about Truth. If you feel like you're dream life is out of reach, that that life is not meant for you... I encourage you to listen to today's episode. Our results are a reflection of how we see ourselves. Once our self-image changes, so will our results.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "It is your job to make the most of your life" [3:33]

  • Do you feel like your dream life is out of your control? [4:00]

  • "Have graitude for the version of you that brought you here" [5:16]

  • You are a spirit with infinite possibility [6:15]

  • What is a limitiing belief and how have they impacted your life? [7:04]

  • "Our results are a reflection of how we see ourselves" [11:27]

  • Once you recognize your truth, the people in your life will start to recognize theirs [13:25]

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