80. Have you Been Exercising your Imagination Muscle?

Remember when you were a kid and you would let your imagination run free? There was nothing that seemed too far-fetched or unachievable. Then, as most of us get older, our logical muscle starts to take over and we forget how to reach for the stars. In today's episode, I talk all about how to exercise your imagination muscle and achieve those big goals.

Episode Show Notes:

  • Is your logical muscle stronger than your imagination muscle? [2:45]

  • Our imagination is a muscle we must exercise [4:05]

  • We are all creative - we just need to exercise that muscle [5:40]

  • The truth comes from the awareness that you have these imagination muscles [10:45]

  • “Exercising our perception muscle will allow us to see the world from a different lens” [12:15]

  • Everything you know was a design in the mind before it was in the physical world [13:32]

  • Recognize what you’re putting your focus on [15:02]

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