86. Do you feel comfortable wanting more?

Today's conversation is a follow-up from last episode (Our needs vs. our desires), so I would encourage you to go back and listen if you haven't already done so. I want you to get in tune with whether you feel safe wanting more out of life? We can sometimes feel guilty when we desire more out of life and think that if we have everything we need then that's "good enough". Tune into today's episode to learn how to handle these feelings of guilt.

Episode Show Notes:

  • "Our desires are limitless" [2:05]

  • Do you feel selfish for wanting more? [4:05]

  • "You wouldn't feel that desire unless you could also have it" [4:37]

  • "Successful people dream big and they have the courage to do so" [6:12]

  • When you attract more into your life, the people around you do too [6:52]

  • "It's selfish to play small" [7:23]

  • There are people waiting for you to show up [10:20]

  • The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward [12:33]

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