89. Mastering Your Money Mindset & Manifestations with Kelly Marcyniuk

I recently had the chance to sit down with Kelly Marcyniuk, host of The Freedom Babes Podcast and to talk all things money mindset! We cover everything from breaking the habit of forcing in your business & releasing the hard work paradigm, growing to your next income level by following desire and what to do when you're manifesting and can’t keep your mind from going down the rabbit hole.

Tune into today's episode and stay tuned for part 2 of my conversation with Kelly!

Episode Show Notes:

  • A little about me and my business [5:07]

  • How I knew I needed a change [6:42]

  • “It doesn’t matter how hard you work, if you don’t go to the root cause of your results” [8:48]

  • Some of the habits I shifted that changed my results [12:12]

  • My tips for helping you create your better tomorrow [18:14]

  • You shouldn’t ever feel satisfied with what you have [22:53]

  • What I do when I feel stuck at an income level [27:57]

  • “Anytime I get comfortable, I’m actually going backwards” [34:33]

  • Some advice if you’re having trouble reaching your big goals [41:36]

  • “Wherever you are in the journey is exactly where you’re supposed to be” [49:29]

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