90. Connecting to the Energetics of Having a Millionaire Mindset

Today's episode is a clip from a recent training I did which examined the mindset of Millionaires. What is different between your current mindset, and that of a Millionaire? We talk all about the energy behind money, debunk some common myths about money and talk all about the differences between needs and desires. Tune into today's episode.

Episode Show Notes:

  • If your goals don’t make you nervous, they’re not big enough [2:55]

  • Are you willing to be open to the process? [3:52]

  • “Money is energy and responds to your beliefs about it” [4:45]

  • Did you have a “poverty mindset” growing up? [5:31]

  • “What I believe, is my truth” [8:20]

  • What can we learn from our kids?[9:48]

  • We don’t need to do anything to ‘deserve’ what we desire [10:59]

  • The difference between need and desire [13:15]

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