91. The real secret to living your dreams.

Today's episode is a discussion about the gap between what we know and what we actually do. Did you know that companies spend billions of dollars a year on training to get their employees to know MORE, but very few people ACTUALLY do what they know to do? Does this resonate with you? In this episode, I share how I have taught thousands of women in the past 7 years to work smarter, not harder. By changing their mindset they turned their annual incomes into their monthly incomes. Want to know how? Take a listen.

Episode Show Notes:

  • Very few people actually do what they know to do [1:48]

  • If you have an understanding about yourself.....then you can start to change it. [3:29]

  • The why is locked up inside your subconscious mind. [3:37]

  • When we don't do it, we beat ourselves up. [5:35]

  • If people only try to change their behaviour it's not a permanent shift. [7:26}

  • This knowledge is worth its weight in gold. [11:40]

  • Ask yourself " What does life look like for me when I've turned my yearly income into my monthly income?" [13:26]

  • You're meant for more. [14:26]

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