92. To be or not to be; it's all in your perception.

Episode Show Notes

  • Napoleon had such a strong desire to help his son. [1:42]

  • If you can think about yourself or anyone else who was born with a disadvantage and if you can view that event as an actual asset, how that may change your perception. [2:44]

  • It's our perception that dictates whether or not the event is a problem or it has potential. [3:27]

  • Nothing is impossible. If I can see it in my mind, it can happen! [4:54]

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza had a bicycle accident and refused surgery and healed his body with his mind. [6:00]

  • When something appears really bad on the other side its gotta be really good. [7:17]

  • It's your persistent pushing through with this strong desire to win and we can gain the lessons, see the assets so much further. [8:48]

  • Don't think about what you don't want. Think and see the world from the place of your goal already achieved. [10:12]

  • Be willing to do what is illogical. Use your imagination for you, not against you. [12:00]

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