Ever run crazy scenarios around in your mind? Here's what to do about them!

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it! Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics." - Albert Einstein

Okay Einstein, noted!

So check it out...

You've got what seems to be a bazillion ideas that roll around in your head each day. You run these scenarios around in your head and you've pretty much convinced yourself they're real!

Like the one where you're driving in the city and someone forgets their blinker! They cut you off and all of a sudden your mind races to that make believe confrontation of you getting out of the car, giving the other driver a piece of your mind, you say everything perfectly! Then the other guy starts lippin' you back, he's now coming your way and you're getting scared! You start looking for other drivers to help you; you cause a fender bender running across the road in desperate need for help when all of a sudden the light turns green and you're back on your merry way.

Or the time, you're up for a promotion at work based on your project you need to present... you've practised for weeks and hardly need your notes! All the major executives are there and you are dressed-to-impress! You've created the perfect slide-show presentation; you're nervous yet confident you're killing it when all of a sudden, jealous Mary-Jo from accounting, walks in and let's you know you have your lunch still stuck in your teeth, your fly's undone and starts whispering to everyone that there's no way you're qualified for the job! And you know (because Mary- Jo has worked there for so long) she's probably right and all the executives agree, they stand up, close their notebooks and all of a sudden your husband yells up the stairs to tell you your coffee if ready to go and he's off to work! 

Or how about this one... I'm sure all you parents can relate to this..  You put your babe down in their bed, they're peacefully falling asleep, the house is quiet, all is well in the world when all of a sudden you start thinking the absolute worst! Someone breaks into your home, holds you up at gunpoint, takes your baby and runs off! You start to freak out- terrified about what you're going to do! You call the police in a hysteria, they treat you like you're speaking a foreign language and can't understand you! You have no idea what's going on and you're so scared you'll never see your child again! Just then your babe shifts, touches your hand, takes a nice deep breath and settles in for the night......okay maybe this is just me but WOW can we ever let our imaginations run wild!

Do you feel me? Can you relate? Have you done this before?

As you can see, we can see perfectly in our mind! We can create an image of anything we want (or don't want)! We can get SO involved with what is happening in our mind, that we feel it in every cell of our body! This is actually an INCREDIBLE thing! The problem is though is that we have become so wired to do this with negative thoughts! We allow fear, doubt and worry to run rampant and we think its NORMAL! I mean sure, if you add up everyone who does this... ya, it would certainly appear to be a normal thing! But remember, just because everyone does this it doesn't make it right- it just means that they've programmed themselves to a negative vibration, they've created this habit, well most likely taught this! The good news though, is we can change it!

When we run these terrifying scenarios around in our mind and create in our body exactly what we feel and most of the time it is fear, doubt and worry!  I'm not saying that these scenarios are going to play out just because you've imagined them in so much detail but what I am saying is that you are, without a doubt, attracting  fear, doubt and worry into your life!


Napoleon Hill said "Our imagination is the most marvellous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known."

Let's start using our imagination to our advantage!

If you plan on creating the life you want (and I know you do; that's why you're here) you must start taking control of the thoughts you think! That statement may seem overwhelming but I'll break it down even simpler!


This is why it is so important to study! To fill your mind with ideas that support this new way of thinking for you. Ideas that support your goal of what you WANT! Lets get rid of that fear doubt and worry and replace them with love, confidence and joy! 

How? is of course the obvious question here!

Once you have your goal in place, use your will and start visualising positive scenarios of you living the life you want! If you start thinking something that doesn't feel good, kick it out of there, bring back your focus to what you want. This will get easier with practise!

Know this...you will never know "the how", so don't even worry about if you're getting "the story line" right, focus on the image and the feelings you want to feel of your goal or scenario already accomplished they way you want!

Sandy Gallagher is the queen of visualising! Check out what Sandy suggests you can do to start to train your mind to flip over to the positive thoughts that generate the positive emotions you want and watch all of that energy unfold into your reality!

Remember what Einstein said, "It can be no other way! This is not philosophy, this is physics!"

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