How to Hypnotize Yourself!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

You are not "inferior." You are not "superior." You are simply "You." -Maxwell Maltz

And you my friend, are simply perfect!

Okay, so how many self-help books, personal growth courses, training seminars have you invested in, thinking that THIS one is the one that's is going to work. That something in this book/course/seminar is going to click and the sky's will clear and the answer you have been searching for will be staring you in the face and from here on out life will be everything you've been hoping for?

More than you can count, huh? Yah, me too!

See I had bought and read every book, attended every conference, showed up at every training hoping that something is going to pop out at me, the answer would be clear and I could THEN starting moving on in my business and create the success I had always wanted!

But, guess what?


I was looking in ALL the wrong places! I was looking OUT at the world for the answers, when I should have been looking IN!

I needed to do the internal work and when I did, everything changed!

BUT not all of a sudden!

It was my self image that had me hypnotised to someone other than my true self. I just needed to change the programming!

And you may think....well, wouldn't all those books and seminars have helped you to do that? I mean they're completely inspiring, full of practical, hands on knowledge, real time, relevant information, different systems and techniques to MUST have been something in there that helped you!

And you'd be almost right.

Yes, all that information is well needed but the programming I am talking about doesn't lie in your conscious or in other words your intellectual mind, it resides in your subconscious mind; your feeling & emotional mind.

On the outside I had my shit together! I was confident, bold and hustled like the best of them BUT on the inside I was a self-conscious, worrier, blamer, and a self-sabotager and I didn't even know it!

"It has been amply demonstrated that attempting to use effort or will power to change beliefs or to cure bad habits has an adverse, rather than a beneficial effect"- Maxwell Malts (Psycho-Cybernetics) 

Woah! Wait! WHAT???!

Yah. Doing it all wrong! I was in fact, trying too hard!

So, what happened? I was introduced to the program I know teach, Thinking Into Results, and rather than looking at what I could "fix" I was shown how to "be" who I wanted to be; who I hoped and thought I could be! 

Rather than looking back, I started looking ahead! Deep down I knew, I freaking knew, like Rachel Hollis says, that I was "Made for More".

So I ask you, WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

This is the first question we need to ask ourselves. Who do I want to be? What do I really want? What do I want to look like, act like, dress like, talk like? What do I want to do for a living, how much money do I want earn? Do I take vacations? Where do I take vacations? What kind of car do I drive? Where do I live and how do I spend my days?  Etc. 

Remember, what I said about reprogramming the emotional mind? When asking these questions you need to get emotionally involved.

AND DO NOT FOR ONE SECOND THINK ABOUT WHETHER YOU CAN OR CAN'T! YOU CAN! TRUST ME! I'm not even going to elaborate on that, just kick that thought to the curb and FORGET IT! WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE, DO OR HAVE...YOU CAN! END OF STORY!

This process is the start of your reprogramming!

We have been SO conditioned and programmed- HYPNOTISED to live from the outside world! We have been programmed to THINK that our current results are no more of a reflection of who we are and what we're capable of! Our test scores, our account balance, our job title, the state of the economy, the housing market...its all bullshit when it comes to what is possible for you!

However our current results in all areas is a reflection of where our mind was but it doesn't have to determine who we are or what we're capable of.

Figure out who you want to be, do and have! Write it out! Reflect and read it to yourself every day! Start acting like the person you want to become!

This may sound completely down right stupid! "Sure D, just write who I am and voila!"

I get it! Believe me, I thought it was a complete waste of my time! But if you think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense!

It took you however old you are to condition your mind to who you are now! Like I said, this doesn't happen "all of a sudden" but believe me that when I say, if you keep repeating to yourself and getting emotionally involved with the person you want to become, AND act as-if (you still must take action) you will become that person! 

Andrew Carnegie said it best when he said... 

"Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasised, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available."

You are already perfect! You already have EVERYTHING you need to be who you want to be; who you truly are! Write it down and create that NEW self-image! A self-image of your true you!

Sending you love and Abundance!

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