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Happy Wednesday!

I am still on fire from last night! Yesterday evening I hosted a webinar on Fear and Procrastination! Maybe you can relate? Its 4 weeks in to 2019 and many people I know let their dreams start to slide! If this is you and you're starting to let excuses and paradigms take over check out the replay here!

So yah, now It's time to get ILLOGICAL!

Yep, you read that right! get ILLOGICAL!

I'm talking more about paradigms this week! Paradigms are part of your subconscious mind and are your habits..

And 95-98% of what we do is habitual! Therefore our paradigms are pretty much runnin' the show!

If you've never heard your paradigm before you most likely aren't doing anything that puts you outside your comfort zone. When we begin to raise our level of awareness and when you're outside of your comfort zone that paradigm of yours is LOUD! It is screaming at you to slow down, back away, keep quiet, stay safe!

Here's an example...Every one of us is in sales! Whether you're selling a clean eating program to a potential client, a house to a first time buyer, or your kids on going to bed, you're selling something!

What happens when you go to step out of your comfort zone to tell them the time commitment, or the price, or get your child (who btw is hyper as heck with no yawns in sight) to go to bed? You may start to feel like who the heck do you think you are to do your job right?  Those tiny voices in your head that say its too expensive, out of range or that you might be defeated by a 7 year old? THOSE... THOSE THINGS... THAT VOICE! IS YOUR PARADIGM! 

We've been programmed genetically and environmentally AND we can learn, unlearn and relearn! I love Alvin Toffler's quote:

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read

and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

What I want to do now is start to reprogram (unlearn and relearn) your subconscious mind in ways that serve you! In order for you to make a shift in logic and break out of that box to freedom and understanding, courage and determination is required!

This is where you will need to DECIDE and COMMIT to yourself every damn day! 

We are all trading our life for something! Whether its Netflix or your dream, each day we make decisions, small decisions, that shape our future. My hope is that you're choosing your dream!

What I am going to share with you next, I suggest you take it very seriously if you want better/exponential results in your life! Its time to get ILLOGICAL!

"No thought, whether it be negative or positive, can enter the subconscious mind without the aid of the principal of auto-suggestion..."- Napoleon Hill

What Hill is referring to when he says auto-suggestions is affirmations! Repeating a phrase to your self over and over and over and over and over ( you get the picture) and over again until that thought is impressed to our subconscious mind through repetition and positive emotion and becomes our new paradigm!

Last week I talked about paying attention to the actions that you do on a daily basis that do not serve you, your non-productive activities (NPA), and begin to think of what the exact opposite would be. Begin to think of how you would like the situation or action you take would be and those would be your productive activities (PA)

Okay, now that you have those... ENTER ILLOGICAL

What I want you do to next is start to take those PAs and write out a statement of the feeling/action/belief you desire and write it out 100 times EVERY morning and 100 times EVERY night!

ILLOGICAL right? I know!  This is the ONLY way you will change your subconscious mind! Just think of your age! How old are you? It took you that many years to ingrain in your mind the thoughts you think that do not serve you! It doesn't need to take that long though if you take responsibility for your life and do as I suggest!

There are only 2 steps here! Take the thoughts that aren't serving you and create a statement of what you want, get emotionally involved,  then write it out 100 times every morning and 100 times every night before bed! Watch your life start to change!

Take a few minutes to read this article on Responsibility it will assist you in accepting such an illogical idea! 

Get your pens and paper out, take responsibility and get illogical! If there's one thing I want you to know about me, its how much I LOVE celebrating my clients wins! They deserve to be recognised for their commitment to themselves and creating a life that is worthy of them! The space below is to share their success with you and my hope is to inspire you to live a life that is worthy of your goals and desires!

With Gratitude,


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