Your Money Cheat Sheet

Many of us have had success manifesting a parking spot. You know that feeling? You are so proud of yourself right?! Now...why is it different when it comes to money? The good news is that it doesn't have to be different. Your new life of manifesting money easily starts today! How does that sound? Follow this cheat sheet and watch your money manifesting begin!

1. Point of Focus

Are you focused on lack and limitation or abundance and prosperity? You can not focus on BOTH at the same time. Continue to bring your focus back to prosperity.

2. Clarity of Your Goal

In present tense and positive words, describe the financial situation that you want.Do not worry about the "how", be specific and really dream. Declare it. Decide it's yours. You are willing! Affirm it. Download the picture of the check from the Universe and write your own check. Every time you look at your check, believe and feel you have the money now.

3. Gratitude: Your Money Attitude

ONLY accept beliefs about you and money that serve you. Money is everywhere. Money is easy to earn. You are worthy of money. Money is good. Money is a magnifier. Abundance is your birthright. I love money. Money loves me. Money comes easily to me in increasing quantities. Affirm it.

4. Faith: Do You Believe?

What if? What if it's this easy to attract money to you? Your state of mind must be belief, not hope or wish. It's as easy as manifesting a parking spot!

5. Decision: Act In Faith

Make a decision to act ONLY in faith. Nothing happens unless and until YOU take action! Sit quietly and visualize yourself with the money you desire. See it on the screen of your mind and feel how it feels to have it, count it and spend it. Feel good. Feel that this is your new normal. After 5 minutes of visualization. Ask for guidance. Sit quietly and ask "how can I manifest this money?" and now LISTEN for ideas and jot them down. Take ACTION on at least one idea a day and believe it is THE idea for money to flow to you!

Take action with an abundance mindset! Invest in yourself. Dare to treat yourself first. Give more to receive more. Repeat daily!

Download this handy cheat sheet and carry it with you to remind you every day of the quickest way to manifest the money you desire.

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