The single most important thing you can do this year...

Are you ready to have the best year of your life?

Whether you've created a new years resolution and got really clear on your goal


You're still in the fantasying mode of what you want to create this year,..

I want to help you get there quicker!

What I'm about to share with you can be the single most effective thing you can do for yourself this year and I want you to start it right away!

It can take you no more than 5 minutes each morning and yet will set your entire day up for success!

and that my friend is...


Gratitude has changed my life and it can change yours too!

When starting your gratitude journey, its best to start first thing in the morning when your mind it most likely to be free from the days tasks and stresses.

You see, when you practice gratitude, it immediately switches your mind to focus on love and appreciation and when you focus on love and appreciation you can't possibly focus on anything else


With repetition, as you continue to practice, you can call upon what you're grateful for in those uncomfortable and stressful situations and bring your mind to focus on love.

Focusing on love will causes you to be in a wonderful VIBRATION!

and when you're in a wonderful vibration, you can then attract 'like' vibrations to you! . . . . So, I've heard this before from my clients and friends...

"Danielle, each morning I write what I'm grateful for and it doesn't seem to make a difference"

and without fail, I'll ask my clients what vibration they are in, in other words how do they feel as they're writing..

Are they doing it with intention and really FEELING grateful for this person/thing/circumstance?


Is writing down what they're grateful for just another to-do on their list for the day?

More often than not, its the ladder.

If there ever was a "trick" to gratitude, this is it!

The trick to gratitude is the FEELING of gratitude !

When you start your gratitude journey this year I want you to promise me and yourself that you will take those few minutes in the morning and feel each and every thing you're grateful for! That you're so grateful you're smiling as you're writing, excitement fills your body and maybe even a tear rolls down your cheek!

Those are my favourite days!

And to help you get in that state of mind  I have a few suggestions:

1. Think of a moment in your life that has brought you SO MUCH JOY!-Maybe its something you've accomplished in your past, maybe its the birth of your child, or your wedding day, or here's one... what it would feel like knowing you just accomplished your goal? That big, scary, audacious, amazing goal that you DREAM about! Feel that!

2. Move! Generate some positive vibes by creating energy and move around! Do 10 jumping jacks, a few push-ups or go smile at yourself in the mirror...all of these actions will get you feeling gooooood!

Then, when you find that feeling, start writing!

If you're familiar with practising gratitude already, maybe you're ready to amp up your positive vibrations even more?

When I practice gratitude I follow what my mentor suggests and I feel this practice has greatly evolved my gratitude experience.

Here's what I do:

First, Write down 10 things I am grateful for. (If you're just starting out 1 thing is all you need to kick start your gratitude journey)

Next, I close my eyes and send love to someone who is bothering me! (I know this sounds a bit crazy and maybe even a little difficult, but you aren't doing this for them, you are doing this for you! Here may be good time to even send some love to yourself, have you been hard on yourself lately, are some of your habits bugging you? Send some love :) )

And lastly, I sit in silence and I ask for guidance for the day and then I listen to what comes to me and journal about it.

Thank you for being a part of my community!

Sending love and gratitude, D

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