Why do you do things you don't want to do and do them anyways?

" Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave" - John Ruskin

How many times have you set an intention to do something that you knew would make your life a lot better, only to continue doing what you’d been doing all along?

Or, how about this..

How many times have you looked back at something you said or did and was like "Why in the world did I do that!"

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I said that to myself..

Isn't that funny though?

I find it just fascinating the amount of people who walk around completely convinced that "Today is the day I will....." and it never happens..

Its not that these people are liars, they're not! 

They really do mean what they say and are convinced that they are ready to accomplish what they set out to do..

the problem is..

their paradigm wants to keep them safe!

Our mind is biologically wired to want to do that!

Anything outside of our comfort zone is a no-no when it comes to growth for our paradigm!

AND the exciting news is that, we can change it! . . . BTW..

If you're not completely clear on what a paradigm is at this point don't worry, most people aren't.

Here's the definition: a paradigm is nothing more than a multitude of habits...a belief system

Think of it like this, your paradigm is like the governor on an vehicle. Some government vehicles have a governor set on them so they do not go over a certain seed, lets say 60km/hr, even though the vehicle can go MUCH faster than 60km/hr regardless of how hard you step on the gas pedal that governor will not allow the vehicle  to go over 60 km/hr. Paradigms keep people operating at 60km/hrs even though there is infinite potential under the hood.  . . . So..back to how to change your paradigm..

1. Persistence (for more on that, I love this recording)


2. Looking at your life like a scientist!

Begin by being objective!

Try to be not so hard on yourself for not sticking to the gym like you said you would, or not calling that client when you said you would, or not hitting your month end goal like you said you would..

Instead, start to ponder why you didn't follow through or what you did instead..

Here's an exercise for you..

Think of a situation that isn't going as you would like, in all its details


Read over what you just wrote and highlight all your non-productive activities (NPA). (Remember, be objective!)

After you've highlighted and written down all your NPAs, immediately describe a productive activity (PA) that can replace it.

After you've done this, ask yourself " Would I get the results I want if I turned all my NPA into PAs?

Ultimately, I'm talking about awareness!

Awareness is so powerful because once you’re aware of what you are capable of, your life will never be the same!

Reviewing what you do each day and pondering what you could do differently could be a turning point for you.

Becoming more aware of this will show you how to start moving from where you are—getting the results you’ve been getting for years or possibly all of your life—to a state of freedom where you take back control of your life from your paradigm.

Here are some other questions to ponder:

What are the habits in your head doing over and over again?

Are you just collecting information and not doing anything with it?

Do you want to be an ordinary person making extraordinary money?

Dig into these questions daily or weekly! You'll be so glad you did!

With much love and gratitude, D

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