You can never out perform this!

I used to spend a good amount of time thinking about what the people around me thought about me; always trying to live up to other peoples standards of what I thought they thought I should be, do or have. 

Can you relate?

I mean, for the most part no one ever  r e a l l y  tells you how you should be or act, we just get caught up in our minds thinking about what we think someone thinks about us, when really they're probably thinking that same thing for themselves.

Wouldn't you agree? . . . . Changing directions a bit, consider this...

When you have a problem, who do you go to? Who do you share your struggles with?

Is it with people who inspire you to keep going? People who help and encourage you to be a better you?


Is it with people who will join you in a pity party and find someone or something else to blame? 

(I mean, we secretly like those people at times but if we're being honest with ourselves, we know they aren't really calling us up to our higher self.)


When you have a dream, who do you share that with?

People who tell you to get realistic and not to waste your time?


People who say, "Wow thats awesome! You got this! I believe in you!"

These are incredibly important questions to ask ourselves because they have so much to do with what we believe is possible for ourselves, our attitude and the way we conduct ourselves..



the RESULTS we get in life, at home and in business!

As a Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant, we talk A LOT about our Self Image!

Yes, our  S E L F  I M A G E

You see, before I became a PGI Consultant and part of Bob Proctor's Inner Circle, I earned about $30,ooo a year! It ramped up for a short time when, where one year I earned $90,000 working in corporate but before long I was back down to $35,000. 


(its was certainly no accident, but I didn't understand it yet)

But it was because of my SELF IMAGE!

My self-image was not in-lined with who I truly am.

Stay with me here!

Picture your self image like a thermostat, its pre programmed to keep you exactly at the "same temperature"

If someone leaves the window open and a cool breeze blows in, the thermostat is programmed to kick in and bring the room back up to the programmed temperature.

Same as our self image, we loose 10 pounds and our built in self image program is designed to find those 10 pounds!

So HOW do we change this?

How do we keep the weight off, get the promotion, receive the raise, gain the confidence, start our own business, improve our relationship, love yourself, interact with others, live in integrity...the list goes on and on and on how self image impacts your life!

Take a look at this oldie but goodie video on Self Image from my mentor Bob Proctor. Its a bit lengthy so grab a cup of herbal tea, or glass of wine..whatever your fancy and take a peak.

I just love the way he explains how we can improve our self image and the simple steps we can take! He has over 58 years experience studying and living this material! . . . . 2019 is just around the corner and most people are EXACTLY where they were at this time last year...

Make this year different for you!

We can all improve our self image. and  I believe you can! I KNOW you can!

Change your self image! If I can do it, so can YOU!

If you'd like some more direction, please reach out I am HAPPY to help!

With Gratitude,


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