Your Insurance AGAINST Failure!

How many times have you told yourself you were going to do something and not too long after, you've either forgotten it completely or you just knew it was never going to happen from the beginning?

....Even though you know you should do it and you really want the results doing said task would bring

and yet no matter what, you just don't do it..

Too many times, right?

Ya, me too!

For example..

I used to tell myself constantly that tomorrow morning I am setting my alarm EARLY and I am going to the gym NO MATTER WHAT!

and sure enough..

The alarm goes off, and every excuse and reason under the sun does too!

"Tomorrow.... I'll start tomorrow" I'd say to myself

"There's snow on my car"

"I still need to (fill in the blank) today"

"I don't feel that bad" . . They all sound like legit reasons..

... they may even all be true too AND you still don't make it to the gym, even "tomorrow"! . . . It wasn't until I committed to a decision to work with my personal trainer to hold me accountable that I saw the results I desired.

I'm not saying you have in invest in someone to hold you accountable, although I do recommend it because you'll have that extra "skin in the game"...but more importantly

You'll want to find someone who's on a similar path as you...


I love the saying  "Accountability is your insurance against failure!", I couldn't agree more! . . . Accountability partners have greatly impacted my life and so,  I have them in all areas of my life...

Having an accountability partner(s) that you check in with on a daily or weekly basis will have you growing in leaps and bounds!

A good accountability partner will…

- Inspire you to make headway in the face of roadblocks and time zappers

- Help ensure you’re on the right path

- Offer positive encouragement to inspire and stimulate you to move forward

- Provide a different perspective, and offer creativity and brainstorming to solve a problem

- Offer tough love, when necessary, to keep you from getting off track

Here is a great article on accountability for continued learning.

Thank you for being here!

With Gratitude,


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