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Many of my clients are objectively successful people, yet they sense that something is missing. They may be feeling doubt, depression, anxiety or emptiness before they commit to coaching. These emotions often manifest in unwanted behaviours and outcomes, such as procrastination, self-sabotage and illness. I can help people shift their mindset in life-altering ways.

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I believe we all deserve optimum health, so that we can actually enjoy the things and people in our lives. When it comes to the body, self-care is not just about looking great on the outside—it’s about giving yourself permission to be strong, well-rested, healthy, fit and radiant. 

Many of my clients report that they struggle with issues like losing weight, getting quality sleep and aging with grace. I’m passionate about supporting them in their journey, both with the mental part—giving oneself permission to prioritize physical well-being—and with the practical parts—how to actually achieve health, fitness and beauty goals.

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Honouring your life purpose is so important, yet some people come to me not even knowing what makes them happy, because they’ve settled for so long. They feel like they’re going through the motions in everyday life. 


By getting in touch with their values and living a soul-nourishing life, they can drop any mask they’ve hidden behind and finally feel deep connections with other people. That soul connection leads to connecting with the Earth too: spending more time in nature and appreciating the deeply relaxing and revitalizing pleasures of the Great Outdoors.

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It is incredible what we can achieve when we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who are as passionate and as determined as we are. Check out the mastermind program as a way to not only to achieve your big goals but gain the support of others in the meantime!

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For select individuals, and usually by invite only, I've created a one of a kind VIP program consisting on one on one support form me AND access into my one of a kind community support groups. Find out more!

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This is a 12 week powerful program carefully designed to create a life of abundance by removing your money blocks, creating a self image that easily attracts money with confidence! These are the steps that I took to create financial abundance in my own life and I’ve incorporated a number of powerful programs, resources, interviews and teachings from a variety of mentors and personal research that I have done over the past 5 years.