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Anyone who has ever done anything great started with with a simple idea in their mind. They had a dream. Everyone has a dream, an idea to be, do or have something more than they already are.

What is your dream?


A dream is worth writing down. Take the time to write it down. Do it daily. This is how it turns into a goal. A goal which is obsessed about in one’s mind, visualized and acted upon by Law turns into fact.

This planner was created because all the ones I’ve used in the past were missing a Success Habit. I would have to add pages or carry around multiple notebooks to make sure I was keeping mindset top of mind throughout my day. Most people that I’ve worked with over the years forget the mindset work on a day to day basis. It’s so easy to visualize for a few minutes, and because it is so easy, it is also so easy NOT to do. Your limiting beliefs ( paradigm ) will tell you “ won’t matter if you miss a 5 minutes of visualization really going to make that MUCH of a difference? It’s fine if I miss it.” Here is the thing: success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy. The mindset and success habits are KEY. This planner is designed to keep the spiritual practice or the mindset habits top of mind while having you take action to move you closer towards your goals. It’s not the action you take that makes the difference, it’s actually the energy behind the action that is important.


If you are coachable and follow the instructions on “how to effectively use my success planner”, along with the watching the success habit videos on our website - you’ll see the rewards. You’ll achieve your goals.

The purpose of your goal is to have you grow ( not to get ).You are successful as long as you are moving towards that goal and you are growing. I am confident that you are doing both of those things by moving through this planner on a day to day basis. So, knowing now that you are successful, take the time to enjoy your journey. Be in gratitude, make a positive impact on others and look for ways to be of service.

I am grateful for you. Thank you for choosing our Success Planner as one of your success tools! We are here to help and support you. It is your year!

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Expect Abundance, 


Danielle xx

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How to Use Your Success Planner